Foundation Surgical Hospital of El Paso

By Jennifer Lucero

August 17, 2013

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On a fresh Saturday morning, Foundation Surgical Hospital of El Paso (FSH) celebrated their one year anniversary appropriately by offering free health services to El Paso youth. The FSH staff spent the morning setting up tents and tables to offer their gratitude to the city for allowing them to provide top-quality healthcare to the community.

Free health services included sports physicals for school age children and vital preventive services such as blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose and eye pressure checks were available for the whole family. “I came here today with my children,” said Nancy Garcia, East El Paso resident as her big-eyed toddler clung to her legs and her older son stood beside her. “I wanted a sports physical for my son because he likes to play football. But I was also able to get my blood pressure and cholesterol checked. Health is a family issue and I want to teach my children that health is our priority.”

FSH is dedicated to providing the highest level of care in an innovative environment. “I’ve been in private practice for approximately 28 years and I have been involved with this hospital for about 6- 7 years,” said Jorge R. Rojero, an FSH physician.

What is a successful hospital? Kane Dawson, CEO of Foundation Surgical Hospital, defines success as the quality of care a hospital provides its patients. “That’s something that has always been here as primarily a physician-run hospital,” Dawson said. “Care is at the foremost of everything we do. I think delivering that care to more people in this community is a definition of success. The more we can do to give back to the community to spread the word that builds our brand and reputation will let people know what we are capable of and; ultimately, that defines our success.”

Foundation Surgical Hospital has been in the business of supporting physician-owned hospitals for more than a decade. Their expertise creates administrative support to allow the doctors to concentrate on the care for patients. It is fully-accredited by the Joint Commission Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations. It offers the highest technology available, including electronic medical records, digital radiology, robotics and the latest advanced equipment.

Located at 1416 George Dieter, FSH was previously named East El Paso Physicians Medical Center. The hospital is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They offer a wide array of medical services such as emergency room services, outpatient diagnostic services, outpatient and inpatient surgery services, chronic pain management, MRI services, ultrasound testing, CT scans and much more. FSH has a medical staff of over 312 physicians and employs a professional staff of over 200. For more information about FSH of El Paso, call (915) 598-4240.


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