New Game in Town: Soccer-Foot-Golf

El Paso’s Painted Dunes Golf Course is popping up on more people’s radars lately, and it is not just because it is one of El Paso’s premier courses. 


By Guadalupe E. Rodriquez

Having received recognition and praise from Golf Digest, Texas Golfer, United States Golf Association, (USGA) and the Dallas Morning News, the course has been hailed as one of the premier courses in Texas and the Southwest boasting 27 holes. Painted Dunes is broken up into three sections: the East course, the West course, and the North course.  While the East and West courses make up 18 beautiful holes of golf, it is the North course that offers something truly unique.

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“Soccer-golf is probably the most common term, and the one most people would understand.  It plays pretty much like a regular golf game, the difference is that the players are using their feet, and a #5 soccer ball.  According to the American Foot-golf League rules, the sport is played at a golf course facility on shortened holes with 21-inch diameter cups, and courses are certified and accredited by the AFGL to be an official soccer foot-golf course.  There are currently 428 soccer=foot-golf courses in 49 states.  The Painted Dunes foot-golf section of the course is still in its early stages,” said Painted Dunes General Manager Anthony Below.

Below already sees a growing number of people and organizations taking interest, and booking tee times.  El Paso Soccer-golf is still in its introductory stages. To date it is only a nine-hole course as opposed to a full 18-hole course.

“We’ve picked up about six soccer foot-golf tournaments considered to be a team building event, we’ve had some military people come out, we have an event for Therapeutic Horsemanship of El Paso, and the University of Texas at El Paso girls’ soccer team will be out here in a couple weeks.  It’s starting to gain momentum, but we have yet to really make a push with advertising. Once we start getting the word out, I really do think it will take off,” commented Below.

Below goes on to say, “The AGFL has been a big aide in getting people interested in soccer-foot-golf and bringing in new players to Painted Dunes. The AFGL actually does a great job of advertising for soccer-golf, and once we start assigning links and tapping into their marketing, I think soccer-foot-golf is really going to take off for Painted Dunes.  Right now, it is about driving people to their website to learn about what soccer-foot-golf is all about and getting them interested in the sport”

To learn more about soccer-foot-golf, visit the AFGL official website at

To book a tee time at Painted Dunes, call (915) 821-2122 or visit

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