Music Not to be Missed… A Beautiful Rush

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By Albert Vasquez

While folks across El Paso are on their after-work commute, headed home to their families, four dedicated musicians determined to break the music mold head to local Beacon Hill Recording Studios to complete their debut EP. The group, known as A Beautiful Rush, is currently working on its first album. Although the album has yet to be titled and given an official release date, the rock collective has a fresh and positive vibe that sounds promising. Members Mando Gonzalez Jr. (lead vocals and guitar), Zack Morrison (guitar), Dustin Judice (bass) and Josh Mendoza (drums) have had their fair share of exposure as a band in the Sun City, performing nearly forty shows since 2014. Venues such as the Low Brow Palace and Paulina’s Badlands are on the list of “live experience” on the ensemble’s music resume.

A Beautiful Rush brings a message of hope through its music and at times even delves into the darker side of life in order to exhibit the importance of staying positive. The song “The Grey”, which will be a featured track on the debut album, reaches into the depths of suicide. The song includes lyrics such as “he hides himself inside the room, hoping to God it’s finally over…” and “what could’ve been done to save his life…” displaying a retrospective desire to help others amidst such a morbid reality. As Gonzalez puts it, “…I think we as people can do a lot more, whether it’s as far as support or just being there for people.” This thought coincides with the band’s outlook, the idea that they can be the bridge between people and God.

The EP will be composed of four tracks in total. Along with “The Grey,” songs “The Calling,” “Lanterns” and “Romavictor” will be included on the album. The songs demonstrate ideals such as having an awakened relationship with God and having faith that nothing can separate one from God’s love. “The Calling… is about really just waking up…seeing where your life is and where your life is going to take you. Kind of just shaking off your past, kind of moving forward,” expresses Gonzalez when asked about the meaning behind another track that will be on the EP. The song “Lanterns” also has themes that deal with awakening and realizing what kind of relationship that one has with God. The final track, “Romavictor,” which is based off the book of Romans in the bible, deals with the notion that nothing can separate people from God’s love. The essence of this song is that nothing can defeat God’s love, not life or death nor angels or demons. The subject matter that is communicated through the song lyrics goes beyond the recording studio. A Beautiful Rush attempts to convey during all performances, at every show, the message that “God is not mad at you, he doesn’t hate you, he loves you.’’

Chris “_bayland” Baylon, who is producing the album, has been working out of Beacon Hill Recording Studios for about a year. Baylon, who has worked in and out of studios, including the reputable Sonic Ranch located in Tornillo, is a perfect match for the band’s energy and work ethic. While in the studio with producer Baylon and A Beautiful Rush, one can easily sense the strong chemistry that is shared between the two. Baylon states ecstatically “I’m having a lot of fun with this project”, after emphasizing how he will still have to mix and master the tracks once the band has concluded the recording process.

Most fascinating about the band is that although three members of the group are from El Paso, their sound seems to be of another place. Bassist Dustin Judice hails from South Carolina, which may be one factor in the sound they bring to the El Paso music scene. Though the rock group incorporates various musical elements in its songs that are unique to that of other bands in El Paso, A Beautiful Rush seems to have a strong connection with its borderland roots. It can easily be deduced that this will only help the band in the future, for the city of El Paso will find it hard not to take a great liking to this charismatic musical outfit.

A Beautiful Rush is optimistic about its future. Once the EP is completed, A Beautiful Rush intends to send off the album to various record labels with the hopes of getting signed. The group would also like to perform at the widely popular Tricky Falls in downtown El Paso. What lies ahead for the band is unknown, but what is certain is that A Beautiful Rush is prepared for anything that comes its way.

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