42nd Annual Christmas Street Gala a holiday fantasy!

Story/Photos by Christian Chapman

The 42nd annual fund-raiser, The Annual Christmas Street Gala, for the El Paso Rehabilitation Center recently took place at the El Paso Country Club. The lavish event appealed to all the senses of the 300+ patrons who thoroughly enjoyed the exquisite, custom designed Christmas trees displayed throughout the Country Club. Prior to a sumptuous dinner, El Paso jazz gem, the Billy Townes ensemble, entertained the generous patron’s as they enjoyed personal beverages while they bid on the unique auction items on display.

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Creative lighting transformed the ball room into a jewel-toned fantasyland. The walls fairly glowed with the majestic lighting of velvet reds and royal blues. Caroline Whitmore, created marvelous table décor which fairly twinkled with candles on each table, and topped with flowers and Christmas bulbs in silver, gold and ruby red. When the lights were turned down the magic was enhanced as the Christmas trees twinkled and shimmered accenting the beauty of the setting.


According to Executive Director, Paso del Norte CDC, Jaime Barceleau, “credit for the success must go to the Auxiliary to the Paso del Norte Children’s Development Center, Auxiliary Gala Chair and 2015 Board President Stacy Hunt, along with Vice- President and Gala Chair, Renee Neessen, Treasurer, Lynne Boutwell, and Recording Secretary, Nancy Watters, Newsletter/Presales Chair Sandie Olivar, joined with Tree Coordinators –Lynne Boutwell, Sandie Oliver, and Caroline Whitmore, as Silent Auction Chair, Kathy Cartwright and Program Coordinator, Lynne Boutwell rounded out the team. The Christmas Street Gala is the holiday event benefitting the children served by Paso Del Norte Children’s Development Center located at 1101 E. Schuster Ave., El Paso, Texas.

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