Catarina at The Latin Billboard Awards

By Albert Vasquez & Photos By DS Junior

Catarina is the newest artist coming out of El Paso’s premier recording studio and label, Sound Stage 9. The young teen has a fresh, somewhat serenading quality to her voice. Although the young singer is forced to balance her teenage life with that of a musician attempting to move up in the world, her talent has already caught the attention of many people.


Catarina is a 17 year old Latin Pop singer who is earning her keep in the music world. At a very young age, she began to show her natural ability as a vocalist. Her mother recalls the very first time Catarina sang, which was to a song from the Tarzan soundtrack, at just 18 months old. “One time, we were with a whole bunch of family, I put the song on …she started singing…her facial expressions, her body language, she was just very into the song and[actually] completed it,” her mother stated adoringly.

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Her innermost interest in music would not stop there. She would continue to impress many others with her singing. She joined a choir group in elementary school and has continued singing in a choir throughout her high school years. She has performed as a solo artist at local coffee shops in El Paso such as Joe Vinny and Bronsons Bohemian Café and Perks Coffee.

Catarina has also showcased her vocal abilities numerous times by singing the National Anthem at a variety of events for the University of Texas at El Paso and for an El Paso Chihuahuas baseball game at Southwest University Park.

This April, she will be given the opportunity to demonstrate her artistry to the entire world at the Billboard Latin Music Awards in Miami, Florida. The singer will be performing her single “Mirame” during a showcase for the awards. Catarina is 1 of 10 up and coming musicians who were chosen to perform at the showcase.

The vocalist explains that her song “Mirame” is about a relationship that ultimately ended, but that the partners involved were able to find closure with the split. “I want every song to have a strong message,” explains Catarina.

Not only does the talented singer attempt to convey strong messages in her music, she is also influenced by an assortment of legendary musicians. Pop culture icons such as Whitney Houston, Etta James and lead singer Freddie Mercury, of Queen, are some of the artists who have had a deep impact on the young vocalist. With a foundation of concrete lyrics that are dear to the singer’s heart and a great understanding of monumental vocalism, she is, undeniably, on the road to stardom.

Catarina’s future performance at the Billboard Latin Music Awards is only a firm indication that she is gaining speed toward recognition as an influential latin pop artist and singer. In her song “Mirame”, the songstress requests that she be looked at. With the windows of opportunity that are opening up for the artist, she will, without question, have her request fulfilled.


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