STARSTRUCK – Krystall Poppin

Story By Albert Vasquez & Photos By DS Junior

Krystall Poppin keeps it poppin’ in the Sun City. Her new album “Starstruck” is bound to send shockwaves through the music industry and in the hip hop community. The 24 year old hip-hop artist hit the ground running 3 years ago when she decided to dedicate her life to making music. Though it has been an up and down rollercoaster adapting to becoming a full-time musician, Krystall Poppin is confident in her music and is enjoying every moment of the ride.

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Her single, “Miss Poppin”, is an introductory track for her album. In the song, which the artist considers a more upbeat track on her album, She advises the world that she is here and for listeners to prepare for her new album. The track presents her as a musical entity and gives the music artist an opportunity to establish herself as a star in the music industry.

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When Krystall first started making the album, her fascination with outer space is what prompted her to incorporate what she refers to as “sounds that sounded kind of spacey”. Super tripped out, experimental, space-like sounds were used throughout the album, only solidifying the title of the album, “STARSTRUCK”. The hip-hop artist also chose the title “Starstruck” because she intends to blow the musical minds of anyone who listens to it and leave them starstuck. Krystall spent all of 2015 writing the album.

In January, she performed two shows in Los Angeles and met a promoter who took an interest in her. She is certain she will be returning to L.A in the near future for more shows, and also plans to do a mini tour for her album along the west coast.

Krystall Poppin is originally from El Paso, but decided to move to Las Vegas where her manager resides in order to take her career to the next level. She was working long distance with her manager, DS Junior, when it became apparent that she needed to up her game. “I had called him one day… and told him that if I want to do this for real and complete this album, I need to not be comfortable. I need to be put out there, work really hard and have no other choice,” stated Poppin. Her move to Las Vegas has allowed her to work on her music full time with her manager, which ultimately makes things run much smoother and efficiently.

Although Las Vegas is not known as a city with a booming music industry, Poppin feels that her exposure is increased dramatically by living in the City of Lights.

Krystall has also been able to experience different cities and lifestyles because of her music, which she feels has allowed her to grow as a music artist. She expressed that she really enjoyed Seattle, Washington and is networking with people there in hopes of getting more exposure. Experiences like Seattle and L.A were encouraging for Poppin, who had to quickly adapt to living life outside of El Paso. Before moving to Las Vegas, she lived her entire life in the Sun City and never really had the opportunity to see outside of that realm. She credits her new experiences living as an aspiring musician as a source for some of the writing material on the new album. Krystall also stated that her musical influences are artists such as Selena and Kendrick Lamar. She not only appreciates the music Selena made while she was alive, but also admires how humble she remained throughout her career. Selena is a constant reminder for Poppin to always remember her roots and maintain modesty. She also respects the lyrical ability of Compton rapper Kendrick Lamar. Lamar is well-known for his complex, story-telling lyricism, which without a doubt, should be a key study tool for any aspiring hip-hop artist.

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March 2016 will be a busy month for Krystall Poppin. With the release of the album, will come even more work to promote her new music. A music video for “Miss Poppin’’ has been produced and is sure to only increase popularity for the young musician. The musician is hitting the music industry with a vengeance and has no intention of slowing down her momentum. She has put much effort and thought into her album and only strives to continue pushing her way towards stardom. Her “star-like” appeal shines bright and will surely captivate many listeners. The only question left is: Is the world ready to be star-struck by the one and only Krystall Poppin?


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