IHOP Nights

IHOP welcomes you to indulge in a plethora of pancakes for IHOP Nights Monday through Thursday evenings from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. at most El Paso locations to help bring the community together.

“IHOP Nights allows School, and Community Non-Profit Groups to come together in a social restaurant setting and share a meal and common goal, raising funds for their organization,” said Manager at IHOP, Richard Cannarsa.


The main goal for such a palatable event is to highlight organizations and campaigns like, “No Kid Hungry Dine Out,” and IHOP’s commitment to local community and the fundraisers those organizations offer on those specific nights of the week.

There is a catch for organizations interested in participating in IHOP Nights.

First, you must contact your local IHOP to set up a date for your fundraiser.

Second, you will receive a major flyer for your organization to hand out fliers, promoting the event a few weeks prior.

Thirdly, guest must present their flyer to their server. Remember, only one flyer per transaction. The guest must purchase a drink with their meal to receive credit for the organization’s IHOP Night.

It is also not permitted to distribute flyers the night of the event. Another thing to remember is that coupons and discounts will not be honored of the organizations check total. For example, military and senior citizen discounts.

Whatever the final total of the organization’s tab is, within 4 to 6 weeks the organization will receive a twenty percent fundraiser check.

IHOP wants to put the fun in fundraising and by doing so, they also want to celebrate National Pancake Day by giving away free pancakes and raising funds for local communities.

Once again, IHOP will be teaming up with Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, who is an important asset dedicated to saving and improving the lives of children. Each individual restaurant will have a designated local Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals program as the recipient of their fundraising efforts.

Since 2006, IHOP has raised nearly $20 million to support children’s charities in the communities in which they operate in, so give IHOP a chance to enhance your fundraising experience with a plethora of pancakes that can help save a child’s life.

I mean who doesn’t enjoy a nice hot stack of pancakes to add to a nice autumn evening and if that is not enough then perhaps some Belgium waffles instead. Who said you couldn’t celebrate National Pancake Day with a waffle? Like the their famous motto,

“Come hungry, Leave happy!”


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