Wisdom for Life from the Source:

World War Z

By Royi Shaffin

I declare World War Z
Z is not for zombie
It is for zebra

I declare World War Z
The war to make us realize
that we are all zebras
To make us see our black stripes
And our white stripes

I declare World War Z
Go ahead and check your DNA
No one is just one thing
We are all zebras
Black with white stripes
Or white with black stripes

I declare World War Z
When we shout against that person
Who we think is so different
Or inferior
Or an enemy
Just remember
We carry that person inside of us
That person is a stripe or two or three
on that coat of many stripes
that makes us who we are

I declare World War Z
A war of words
A war of ideas
A war of love vs hate
Compassion vs anger

I declare World War Z
We are all Black
We are all White

We are all Mediterranean

We are all Iberian

We are all East Asian
We are all Jewish
We are all Arab
We are all Hispanic
We are all Indian
We are all Native American

We are all Aboriginal Australian
We are all Inuit
We are all humanity
We are more than 99% identical in every way
In the beginning God made
one man and one woman
So that no one could say
My ancestors were greater than yours

I declare Wold War Z
So go ahead and get that DNA test
Science doesn’t lie
And you will see
That you too are a zebra
And the next time you see
Someone who looks and acts
So different from you
You will remember that
That person is a part of you
And you are a part of them
Because we are all zebras
I declare World War Z





By Royi Shaffin


All is Foreseen and… Freedom of Choice is Granted

All is foreseen
All you have seen
All that has been
All that you dream

Free will
To act or be still
To abstain or have your fill
To heal or to kill

Looking down upon us
Little specks of dust
Seeing through our “impenetrable” crust
Placing its trust

Not animal nor angelic being
Somewhere in between
Speaking thinking creating
Will we pollute or will we come clean





Teachings that will make you a better person and the world a better place.

1) Whenever you feel like saying something negative, don’t!!!

Stop yourself before it comes out of your mouth.  You can do it.  Once it is out, it can’t go back in.  Once you have blemished someone’s good name, you have damaged their reputation forever.  It is like tearing open a feather pillow and letting the feathers out to the wind.  If you change your mind, you will never be able to gather all of the feathers.

If you are a person that people listen to, your responsibility is even greater.  Don’t use foul language because it pollutes the world and lowers your esteem in people’s eyes.  A debate is about ideas.  Criticize ideas, not people.  Don’t reduce yourself to the level of a school playground.  Don’t be a bully.  Don’t be a victim either.  Seek peace, always.

2) Wear a reminder on your hand, between your eyes, on the corners of your garments, or whatever it takes… to spread only positive energy and to protect you against the negative.

Place words of goodness and blessing, gratefulness and thankfulness, kindness and mercy upon your body.  Wind them around your arm.  Place them at the entrance to your home.  Speak words of blessing day and night.

3) Be the source of the positive.

Find teachers and friends.  In a world where a role model is hard to find, you be the role model.  Create a family.  Love someone.  Pass your legacy on to children.  Have faith in the future.

4) Give people the benefit of the doubt.

We are all human.  We all make mistakes.  Try to see the good in people.  Believe that people have the best of intentions unless conclusively proven otherwise.

5) Be grateful for all that you have.

Pay attention to everything that people do for you and for others.  Say daily affirmations for that which is good and right in the world and that for which you are grateful.
Be mindful when you eat and drink and breathe.  Be grateful even when you go to the bathroom.  These are all gifts.  A functioning body, food to eat, clean water to drink, air to breathe, healthy lungs to breathe it with are all gifts.  Do not take them for granted. Pay attention to the tastes in your mouth when you eat.
Someone put time and energy and TLC to make sure that your food tastes good.

6) Be in touch with nature.

Go outside.  Take off your shoes and run around in the grass.  Pay attention to the feeling of grass in between your toes.  Watch the sunrise.  Watch the sunset.  Be grateful for being able to enjoy the beauty of the world.

Cherish animals.  Make a new friend who just so happens to be a dog or a cat.  Listen to the songs of the birds.

Protect the planet.  Recycle.  Do not waste.  Don’t throw away food.
Travel the planet.  Experience different people, different cultures, and different plant and animal life.

7) Be of outstanding character.

Mean what you say.  Say what you mean.  Don’t lie.  Be a person of truth that people can depend on.  Pay workers on time.  If you owe money, pay on time.  If you owe rent or mortgage, pay on time.  If you have credit cards, pay on time.  If you owe someone a phone call, call them.  If you owe someone an apology, apologize.

8) Be generous with your money, your compliments, your positive facial expressions, your time, your talents, and your good will.

Visit the sick, the old, the dying, and the bereaved and send positive energy their way.  Put your arm around someone who needs a hug.

9) Learn, study, read, teach, play, explore, investigate, think, be open-minded, train your brain, try new things, and try to improve as a human being.

Make yourself smarter, faster, more knowledgeable, healthier, more active.  Become the best you that you can become and then try to become even better than that and while you are doing that, teach others to do the same.

10) Remember that we are all one.  The entire universe is One.

The divisions between us are just an illusion.  Treat your fellow human being as a brother or sister.  We all come from the same place and our destiny is to all return to that place.  So be kind, compassionate, loving, caring, and understanding.

May whatever positive energy you send out be returned to you seven fold.

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