Hitting the Gym for New Year’s

By Alonzo Quintero

With the end of the year drawing near people often reflect on what they have done or most importantly what they haven’t done. Different ideas fill people’s mind on how to change their life for the better and others just want to try something different. The goal we tend to hear from our friends and family is that they want to lose a certain amount of weight. This trend usually involves goals people set, but they diminish with time and find themselves back to the shape or weight they originally were. Ivan Avila, a fitness coach at the Will Ruth YMCA sees this trend every year.

“After the second day of the first month of the year people go to the gym area in flocks…it is sad to see members slowly leave after February because I feel like they gave up,” Avila said. Membership at the YMCA climbs up to 68 percent during the month of January and decreases by the end March. Long-time members are also affected by the New Year, “new-me” phase. “It is awesome that we get new members at our gym but at the same time I have to wait seven to eight minutes for just one machine…they do not even stay, they leave after a month and everything Is back to normal again,” said gym member Richard Garcia. Garcia has been going to the YMCA for about 11 years and experiences this all the time, but still hopes people stick around for longer than just two months. Avila and Garcia both believe that new members have to focus on one main goal to have a better chance of accomplishing it.

Peak Fitness gym is owned by JohnPaul Buchanan, Pamela Buchanan, and KIMBERLY RAYNER. Going on a little over a year this gym’s main focus is to help their clients not feel like clients but more like family. Gladys Gonzalez is a personal trainer at peak fitness and feels like personal training is not a regular job, “It is very gratifying, to me. Personal training has changed my life and I wanted to share that with others and I see that I can make a difference.” Gladys keeps in contact with her clients to make sure they are keeping their daily diet. “They are texting me all day because they want to know what they can eat and I let them know what is best for their diet. For some it is easy but for others it takes hard work but I am here to keep them motivated.”

Buchanan along with the other trainers will not allow their clients to skip sessions without constant reminder on why they couldn’t arrive at the gym. “I had some that paid me for the month but they travel and I follow up with them. I try really hard to not let people get away with that. If you are not following your eating or nutrition, I do care.” said Buchanan. He believes the client has to be accountable for themselves as well and give him 90 percent of their effort.

“I had talks with my clients. I told them that they are paying this much money but you are not giving me what I need from you. So, we can either move forward and commit to me or just stop training because I do not want to take your money.” Buchanan wants his clients to learn as much as they can so they can help others when they venture on their own. At Peak Fitness clients will have the attention they need to break that New year’s resolution trend and actually make sense of their goals. The trainers at Peak Fitness believe people give up so quickly because the way people set their goals. A realistic goal can be a 20-pound loss in two months but when people want to have a body builder physique, in a short amount of time, this will kill their drive and continue on this failing trend. Whether you want a gym for the family or a gym with a more personal approach the Will Ruth YMCA and Peak Fitness will guide so you will not become another person that failed to meet their New Year’s resolution.

The YMCA is located on 5509 Will Ruth Ave, EL Paso, Tx 79924 and Peak Fitness on 5450 Hurd Pl C, El Paso, Tx 79912.

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