Camino Real Celebrates 400 years!

Photos and Story by Christian Chapman

The San Elizario Genealogy and Historical Society recently presented the first international Rio Grande Festival featuring art, culture, history and heritage the end of April. The San Elizario Historic District saw the re-enactment of Onate’s historic arrival, three day history conference, guided tours, old west shootouts, heritage booths, arts and crafts, live entertainment, food, fun and much more. Presiding over the event was the Reina del Camino Real Tierra Adentro / Queen of the Camino Real, the beautiful Victoria Elizabeth Sinclair.

In conjunction with the festival was the 26th Annual History Conference and Dinner, “April 1598, BIRTH of the AMERICAN SOUTHWEST.” The festival was held at the Adobe Horseshoe Theatre, in the San Elizario historic district there students learned about the Camino Real of Texas, the Camino Real to Santa Barbara, the Camino Real to Santa Fe, the Camino Real de Tierra Adentro – World Heritage Site, the Three Presidios on the Rio Grande, the Camino Real, Outstanding World Value, and San Elizario for the past 400 years.

A dinner honoring the histroy of San Elizario was held at the historic Adobe Horseshoe was a resounding success as the talents of four star chefs Irasema Ontiveros, Catering Solutions and of course, Chef Diamanti Dimakis G. received a standing ovation for the grandiose dinner enjoyed by one and all.

Among those present were: Al Borrego Director of Geneology of San Elizario TX, Martha Vera Honorary Counsel of Spain and San Elizario Mayor Maya Sanchez.

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