Conquer The World – One Song At A Time

By Herman Delgado


Jordan Taylor has been singing since she took the lead in, “Mother Goose,” a musical performance, in first grade. The Dallas native, who now calls El Paso home, is here to make a statement with her voice and nothing will stop her. A 2015 graduate from El Dorado High School and current sophomore at the University of Texas at El Paso, Jordan has her sights on making a name for herself with her music. I first heard and took note of Taylor’s singing talent at the outdoor 2015 Fall Festival that took place at Lujan-Chavez Elementary School. Not only did Taylor’s blue neon hair stand out, but also her voice matched her outgoing enthusiasm as she sang Ariana Grande’s “Break Free.” I said to my daughter, “Honey, that’s your song that she’s singing.” My daughter Shae quickly let go of my hand, and the next thing you know she’s up on the stage singing along with this young lady with the beautiful voice and blue hair.

Taylor has logged thousands of miles traveling around the country performing with the El Paso Youth Symphony Orchestra since she was in eighth grade, under the guidance of Director Philip Garcia. She has performed at Disneyland, Universal Studios, Knott’s Berry Farm, the USS MIDWAY Memorial, Santa Monica, Coney Island, and New York’s Carnegie Hall. “Carnegie Hall was the ultimate experience for me,” Taylor said. “I walked into Carnegie Hall and the gold, white and red auditorium was surreal. It was like I was walking around in someone’s dream. I want to reach out and touch people with my music…that is what I want to accomplish.” It was quite an experience for the young woman who resides in El Paso with her parents George and Lori O’Campo and two siblings, Jacob and Jewel.

Music has always been part of her life, starting at one and, by the age of three, she was reading. “Mom would always teach me everything with music,” Taylor said. “I learned Spanish through songs my mom would play for me. Mom was my singing coach.” Her family is quite supportive of her music career and gets involved with all her singing projects. “It’s exciting to see her pursue her career…her music,” Lori O’Campo said. “We encourage her to pursue her education, to have something to fall back on.”

Taylor has many hobbies aside from singing. She likes writing poetry and playing the violin, guitar (acoustic and electric), piano, and the ukulele. “I like to read, write, and pretend I’m from different countries,” Taylor said. “If I can convince my whole tenth-grade class, then I can convince the world!”

At UTEP, she is majoring in forensics with a minor in photography, and believes getting an all around education in various subjects other than music will benefit her in the long run. She said she gets good feedback from the student body, which encourages her to pursue her dream of making it big.

Taylor has written and produced three songs with Front Line Records label. They are “Run Along,” “Sadderdays” and “Omen.” She has collaborated with other local artists such as Zig Zag, Pabloe, Blvk Vrt, Alex Z and Riot Ten. A quiet and shy young lady turns up the volume when she gets behind the microphone. Her whole persona and attitude go to a new level and you can see it in her eyes, the way she moves, and in the sound of her voice. At the age of 20, this young lady has convinced me the world is hers.

If you would like to view or listen to Taylor’s music, please visit: INSTAGRAM; @jordaantaayla; TWITTER: @jordaantaayla; SNAPCHAT: @tavlorok; FACEBOOK:; and SOUNDCLOUD:

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