The Court Matador

Photos & Story by Herman Delgado

Former Parkland High School basketball star Cameron Parr has taken her basketball and all-around athletic skills up to York College in York, Nebraska. A true Parkland Matador in all three sports that she competed in during her high school days, beginning when she was a freshman and making the varsity squad in all three sports. When you first meet Parr, she comes across as a very soft-spoken young lady and it’s hard to imagine that this young lady with the pretty smile was a sports’ star on three different playing fields at Parkland. Don’t be fooled by that smile though, because the minute you put a basketball or softball in her hands, she goes into ‘beast mode’, and she’ll quickly demonstrate to you why she was such a leader on and off the field. Parr graduated from Parkland this past June 2017, and has already moved up to York, Nebraska, and has started her college studies thanks to a basketball scholarship that she earned through hard work, dedication, and by being selected All-District Basketball Team from 2014 through 2017. “What drove me to be the best at what I did”, Parr said. “Was that I knew the harder I tried and played in high school, the greater the reward would be when I got to college.”

Parkland varsity basketball Coach Joel Calderon has high expectations for his former-star player and knows that she can compete and will make a difference at the next level in her career. “She was the glue of the team, she has a huge heart, and without Cam it’s hard to keep it together.” Said Calderon. “She came up with the team motto, ‘One speed, no mercy!’”. Her leadership, dedication, work ethic, and commitment to the team earned her the ‘Mama Of The Team’ award from her teammates.

Parr also excelled at track and field, were she was a three-time All-American in USATF Junior Olympics at the national level. She earned two silver medals in the 4 x 800 relays and helped her team get a bronze medal in cross-country at the National T&F/XC meets.

When Parr was not on the field, court, or track, she was dedicated to her studies and was top student in the classroom as well. Parr graduated in the top 10 percent of her graduating class and was a National Honor Society Member as well as Class Secretary. Her performance on the court and in the classroom earned her the respect of her peers as well as that of Parkland’s softball coach, Jessie Bustamante. “I’ve known Cameron since seventh grade. She is a great student, great competitor, and has great work ethic,” Said Bustamante. “She’s going to do great in whatever she does.”

Parr’s parents Casey and Beatriz along with her younger sister, Caitlin are very supportive and proud of her athletic accomplishments. “We got our kids involved early running and competing in USATF Junior Olympics,” Casey said. “This instilled discipline in them to compete at the highest levels in any sport. Caitlin’s primary passion is soccer but she is currently concentrating on track and field. You might say that the Parr family loves competition, sports, and the outdoors. They all stay involved in trail/road running, swimming, and road biking. “We love being outdoors and staying active, that’s probably why our kid enjoy all the same activities.”

Parr has her goals set on majoring in biology, stay active in student government, and get more involved in various school activities. “I want to go on to medical school and become a dentist.” Said Parr.



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