There’s a New Miner In Town

Athletic director Jim Senter hopes to return UTEP to glory days

Story and photos by Herman Delgado


Sitting face to face with Jim Senter, the man I had seen on television when it was announced that he would be the new appointed UTEP Athletic Director, really made me feel excited about interviewing him and looked forward to hearing what his plans were for the future of the athletics department.

As I sat in his office for several minutes waiting for him to arrive, I couldn’t help but notice a plaque on his bookshelf that read “Super Dad” and an academy award replica trophy with the inscription “World’s Greatest Father” and numerous pictures of his family. What he displayed on a simple bookshelf immediately convinced me that Senter was in no way a simple man, but a man who has his priorities in order.

Senter got right down to the point of what his goals are for UTEP Athletics and how he wants to get the community and student body involved.

“You’re going to hear me talk about it over and over, every person makes a difference….E-P-M-A-D hashtag, E-P-M-A-D write that down!” Senter said. “There are enough people in this community that if we can just inspire them, if they’ll buy into my vision that every person makes a difference. You have just got to come and be a part of it … just buy into the vision. Give me five years and watch what will happen here five years from now. In every single sport we have, my goal is that we sell the most season tickets, we have the most donors, we have the best attendance, we sellout our opening games, and when we set the tone, what’s going to happen?” I can’t tell you what’s going to happen, but I can definitely tell you that the ‘The Jim Senter Era’ has begun!

These positive and great changes that Senter is talking about are not going to happen overnight, but I believe in his vision and philosophy of moving the UTEP Athletic Department forward.

“My triple-A philosophy…everything I do is going to be tied to those kind of elements, everything begins with attitude, you show me people with a great attitude…they’re almost always humble and grateful,” Senter continued. “You show me people who are people of action…they work, they go to work, come early stay late, they have a great work ethic. And the last thing is, they hold themselves personally accountable,” said Senter. “So, what’s my philosophy to the department? That’s it! I want teammates that have got a great attitude. When we come to work here today, we have got to believe that we are worthy of being champions. We’ve got to believe that if we have a program here, nothing short of competing for and winning championships is acceptable. That doesn’t mean that you’re going to get there overnight, because you have to respect the process that it takes to get there.”

Listening to Senter, you can’t help but get excited for what’s in store for not only the athletic department, but for the University as a whole. Senter’s tone, attitude, and demeanor are definitely what UTEP athletics needs. The University has definitely found the right person to make us proud when we shout, “We Are Miners!”

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