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redmoonwhitemoonbluemoon– A Dance Piece Reclaiming the Power of the Menstrual Cycle and Female Nature

By Sandra Paola Lopez

redmoonwhitemoonbluemoon is a piece exploring themes of the divine feminine created by local dancemaker S. Paola Lopez in collaboration with poet Naima Yael Woods and photographer and filmmaker Laura Bustillos Jaquez. With the support of the City of El Paso Museums and Cultural Affairs Department, The Texas Commission on the Arts and …


Lexmark maquila workers speak at UTEP Women’s History Conference

By Maria Esquinca

In November of 2015, maquila workers from Lexmark, a manufacturing plant in Juarez, began to organize for a salary raise. Maquila workers earn approximately $6 US dollars per day, the legal wage in Mexico. A month later, over 70 of those workers were fired. The workers, or obreros and obreras, continue to strike with …

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Noah “The Ninja”

Story & photos By David Quinn misterQuinn media

Morning breaks, the sun rises on a Sunday morning and little Noah Miguel rubs his sleepy eyes and rolls out to find his clips or specialized shoes with cleats that snap into place to offer a full pedal rotation to push and pull on his 20” bike. Center …

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STARSTRUCK – Krystall Poppin

Story By Albert Vasquez & Photos By DS Junior

Krystall Poppin keeps it poppin’ in the Sun City. Her new album “Starstruck” is bound to send shockwaves through the music industry and in the hip hop community. The 24 year old hip-hop artist hit the ground running 3 years ago when she decided to dedicate her …


Local activists address rights, equality and justice for women

By Maria Esquinca

Cemelli De Aztlan, network weaver for the El Paso Equal Voice Network, speaks about International Women’s Day. Picture by Maria Esquinca.

Inside Café Mayapan, Veronica Carmona, a community organizer and singer, holds a drum close to her chest. She slowly beats it, and fills the room with the sound of her voice.

“Mujer, eres tú …

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Saving Realtors Time & Buyers Money

By Christian Chapman

El Paso, Texas – During the height of the recession, in 2008, John Clary thought there had to be a better way to operate a mortgage company. After a couple of years of research and planning, John approached the only individual he would want to explore this venture with, Ramsey Esper. He invited …